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Many dogs love water. Individuals who like kayaking with their dogs should purchase the best kayaks for them and their dogs. There are different models or types of kayaks that are well-designed for these pets. Choosing the right model will make your trip more enjoyable. You an Learn more about kayaks for dogs by visiting this website. The following are the best models of recreational kayaks that you need to consider:

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem kayak

This is one of the best recreational kayaks that you can choose for your kayaking needs. It is voted as one of the best selling products in the Amazon. This kayak is ideal for both sedate and rowdy, flat lakes. It can accommodate about 425 pounds, meaning that it can hold two adults and a medium-sized pooch or a small child. It comes with seats which can be arranged for three, two or one paddlers.

Its hull is well-designed making the boat stackable for storage. It also features asset of gear straps, three molded-in seats, handles, three seating position positions. In addition to this, this device is maneuverable, stable, and durable. Furthermore, it has a versatile deck that makes it a great option for kayaking.

Perception Tribe 13.5

The perception tribe 13.5 is one of the best sit-on-top kayaks. It has plenty of room that can accommodate one large dog and three or two adults. It comes with a wide hull that makes it more stable when paddling in the ocean surf. It has a capacity of about 500 pounds. Its safety and comfort while paddling makes it one of the best dog’s kayaks. Its seats are padded and foldable. Also, it comes with an effective auto-draining scupper that is helpful in keeping unwanted water away from the user and his/her dog.

Sea Eagle SE330

This is an inflatable, high-quality, and affordable kit. It is equipped with all the essentials needed when hitting the water. It comes with two inflatable seats, two paddles, an air pump, a superb carrying case and back support. This kit is durable and sturdy enough, and it can endure the abuse associated with doggie paws. It is made of puncture resistant materials, and it does not have the durability that comes from hard plastic materials. It has a capacity of about 500 pounds making a practical option for a large canine pet and one paddler. It is a lightweight model that can easily fit in a small car trunk.…