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Cat exercising

Every living thing must age since it is a natural process. At this stage, cells stop multiplying and some behavioral and physical changes start to show. The rate of activity also reduces and everything almost slows down. Just like human beings, cats also age the same way. However, senior cats have higher chances of getting affected by aging than human beings. In fact, human beings have the ability to decide to live a longer life if they keep it physical and eat a balanced diet. According to Blue Buffalo, on their official twitter account, “cats have no conscience that they must eat well and do some physicals, instead they depend on their must for food and care”. So once you notice your cat has entered the elders club which is normally above 7 years, make sure you feed it well and keep it active through exercises. There are many exercises that cats can do to stay healthy in their olden days. Most people like agitating their dogs to get active but often forget about cats. To know the importance of exercise for mature cats, keep reading the text below.

Increased Joint Flexibility

Cats like to hunt, and one of the reasons why we keep cats at home is to scare away and hunt rodents that are a nuisance to us. If your cat is not flexible, it will not chase away the rats. So make sure you entice you mature cat to rejuvenate its joint flexibility. Too much dormancy and inactivity can cause the joints very stiff.

Raises Metabolic Rate

cats playingMetabolism is essential for any living organism. Metabolism is the chemical break down of substance to maintain life. So, when your cat ages metabolism starts to slow because the body adapts. But you can change the narrative by involving your cat in various physical exercises. You do not have to force it, entice with food or toys so that it can run around the compound.

When cats age their muscle strength and tone become dull. For you to help your elderly cat from being unstable and unattractive, try to involve it in physical activities. The more it catches up, the more the muscle becomes stronger and stronger.

Improves Circulation

Blood circulation is vital in human and animal survival. Blood contains absorbed food nutrients and oxygen. If your cat is not exercising, blood circulation may not be that efficient. And it will appear more dull and tired because food nutrients and oxygen is not evenly distributed throughout the body tissues and organs. If you elderly cat collapses from time to time, it is good to encourage it to exercise for better blood circulation.

Reduces Risk of Heart and Lowered Immunity

Just like human beings, when cats age or become inactive; they start developing heart diseases. This is because they take in more calories and they settle in the body tissue making the vein thinner. When they become thin, your cat may suffer a stroke. Also, when we entice our cat to play with us, their immune system becomes stronger.

Weight Control

Exercising helps to lower the risk of developing obesity and diabetes. These diseases develop because of inactivity and high consumption of starch. Apart from weight control, exercising helps in mental stimulation.

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