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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical substance derived from cannabis sativa. Without advanced medical technology, extracting CBD from THC is impossible. And thus, the medical world used to categorize cannabis as a psychotropic drug because THC is the cannabinoid that causes the fly effect. As a result, many countries criminalized marijuana use, and it has just been recently that the plant is lawfully regulated.

Today, the scientific world has acknowledged the healing property of cannabis derivated substances, especially CBD. Here, we are discussing how CBD can benefit people who suffer from mild to severe mental disorders.

CBD Works Better Than Traditional Pills

pills cocktailCannabis users often give anecdotal accounts of mental health improvement. They claim that they are less stressed, anxious, and agitated after smoking a blunt. Some people even claim that marijuana works better than conventional stress pills like antidepressants, SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), benzodiazepines, and antipsychotics.

Conventional drugs for mental illness show withdrawal symptoms when the patient stops taking them. It means that the drugs are not permanently improving the condition. CBD’s results, on the other hand, are more stable.

Besides, administering CBD can be done in a less controlled way. You can buy the oil easily from an online store and use a vape to enjoy smoking it. You can check hempcaptain.com to check out their coupons and get special offers. Consider this info as a bonus because you have spent your time wisely by reading our article.

CBD and Dementia

hemp leavesCommon dementia-related conditions are Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), and Parkinson’s disease. Older adults are vulnerable to those diseases. And once a senior who has dementia, his/her life quality will degrade drastically.

CBD improves dementia conditions by reducing inflammation and beta-amyloid buildup on the brain cells. Our body’s oxygen intake degrades as we age. It will affect our brain and thus our cognitive ability. Luckily, CBD also acts as a healthy brain stimulant. According to Science Daily, CBD even reverses the aging process in the brain. It rejuvenates the old cells and replaces them with the healthier ones.

CBD Reduces Anxiety and Panic Attacks

CBD now begins to sound like a miracle drug. Besides being useful to improve severe mental disorders like dementia, CBD also works to give the calming effect to an anxious person by reducing the fear and stress response in the brain.

If you ever experienced stuttering and even stage fright, then you should consider getting yourself a prescribed CBD. Once or twice occasions may not ruin your life. However, if your anxiety worsens everytime you are about to give a public speech or presentation, then you should suspect that your condition has something to do with your biological state. Unlike the common misunderstanding, anxiety is not purely psychological. Improving it by altering some bio-chemistry structure in the body does work, and using CBD can be your solution.

CBD and Depression

stress and anxietyLike anxiety and panic attacks, depression too is biological. Telling a depressed person to meditate and have a holiday can work sometimes, but not all the time. People who have a family history of the condition are prone to inherit the same disorder. They do not want to be depressed, but there is always something in their minds that prevent them from enjoying their existence.

CBD has neuroprotective property, which makes it beneficial to the brain. As stated on Medical News Today, studies have found out that severe depression is linked to inflammation in the brain, which is caused by a weakened immune system.…


In the recent past, there has been clashing reports about CBD hemp oil. While this product has been touted for its numerous medical capabilities, it is surrounded by many health myths and facts. So, where does the truth about CBD hemp oil stand? This post is going to address all that and leave you with nothing to worry about.

CBD is a cannabinoid

CBDWithout any doubt, CBD is a cannabinoid got from a plant called cannabinoids. CBD is among 100 other extracts from this plant. As opposed to the other cannabinoids, CBD oil has been found to be better for health, more effective and made legal from its abilities to cure a score of human ailments. It is good for treating chronic pain; minimize seizure in epilepsy victims and a good anti-anxiety cure.

CBD oil Hemp will get you high

From scientific studies done around this product, it has been found not capable of making you high. With only 0.33% of THC, the euphoric effects you get from CBD oil is nothing like what gets people high. In fact, it has been known to reduce significantly euphoric effects caused by THC.

CBD now has been classified as medicine

In the UK, CBD hemp oil has been used as a nutritional supplement. Until recently, the Medical Healthcare Regulatory Agency reclassified CBD oil as medicine. This was based on the numerous health and therapeutic benefits coming from CBD oil. What this means is that CBD hemp oil is going to be exposed to rigorous tests just like all other supplements crossing the line to be recognized as medicine.

CBD oil is only safe for use by adults

No way, CBD oil is good for all ages. From the many studies done on CBD oil, it has been found to be working for all ages from kids to adults. Babies with epilepsy have been tested and found able to tolerate the effects of CBD oil.

Additionally, CBD oil is non-psychotic thus has not severe effects on anyone regardless of their age. Now you do not have to be worried that your kid needs some CBD and you do not know whether it is safe or not.

CBD oil in the UK comes from hemp

oilYou probably know CBD oil in India comes from cannabis sativa. That is correct. However, in the UK the oil comes from hemp. Now you are confused what would be the difference between the two.

Interestingly, cannabis and hemp are the same plant. The only difference comes with hemp, which has almost zero level of THC. This means what you get from hemp has almost zero level of causing euphoric effects. From an objective point of view, CBD oil from hemp has better effects.


You are no longer in the dark regarding the facts and myths coming from CBD oil hemp. You now know some of the
things you have misunderstood or misinterpreted for so long. With this post, you now have all you need to know about CBD oil hemp. Go ahead and knock yourself up with the numerous effects of this supplement.…