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Drug addiction is one of the problems that many countries are trying to fight because it affects a huge percentage of the youth who are the driving force in any economy. We have different types of drugs that people abuse although alcohol is one of the most popular drugs that are abused by individuals. Alcohol detox centers is ideal for people who are addicted to alcohol.

Since drug addiction affects the productivity of individuals, it ought to be treated. We have two types of drug rehabilitation centers: the in-patient and the out-patient rehabilitation centers.

Cold Turkey

man injecting drug in his veins The term “cold turkey” is used in the drug addiction treatment field. When an individual stops using the drug that he is addicted to, he is usually referred to as “cold turkey.”

This is one of the most challenging paths for any drug addict especially if he has no professional or medical supervision. We have only a small number of people who can handle this by themselves. Let us look at the benefits of the inpatient rehabilitation center.


One of the benefits of the inpatient rehabilitation centers is that it has a unique structure that is tailor-made in such a way that it helps the drug addicts in their recovery.  The inpatient rehabilitation program always keeps its patient on their toes by engaging them in various activities.

The patients, therefore, do not have idle time to think about drugs or other activities that could put the drug rehabilitation exercise in jeopardy. Patients who are actively engaged in various activities and programs are less likely to relapse.


When you admit your patient to an in-patient rehabilitation center, you are assured of support all round the clock. At times, a drug addict undergoing rehabilitation might undergo relapse at night. If he is not checked in a medical facility, this might be fatal if he does not get medical attention immediately.

However, if an emergency occurs in an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, the patient is likely to be attended to immediately because we usually have the staff who are always available at the facility.

No Access to Drugs

addicted man reaching for tabletsOne of the things that makes drug rehabilitation difficult is the addicts undergoing rehabilitation usually get access to some of these drugs. When you are locked in an in-house rehabilitation center, there is no way you will access the alcohol and drugs.

Secondly, a patient is usually taken from his peers who most likely influenced him to start taking the drugs that he is abusing. The inpatient rehabilitation program is therefore useful in the treatment of drug addiction.